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Set Your House In Order

Shorten The Distance

What Has Hindered You?

Denver Celebration Pt. 1

Denver Celebration Pt. 2

Established Prosperity

Visions and Revelations

The Purpose of Ministry


Kingdom Giving


Kingdom Thinking

Dual Citizenship

The Power of Redemption

Deliverance…. Really?

Inward Excavation

Navigational Reset

Free Indeed!!!

The Original Pattern

YES!! or NO!!

Hybrid Nation

Empowerment Clinic 2016, Aurora Co.

Running…. In The WRONG Direction!!!


Kingdom Terminology

Supernatural Acceleration??? REALLY???

TTC Will Set The Record Straight!!

I Am The Lord and I Change Not. Malachi 3:6 What does this mean?

Who Needs A Breakthrough??? Not Us!!!!!

Understanding Demonic Activity

Proper Conduct During HEAVY Trials

Talk Yourself Into It!!!

To Sin Or Not To Sin, THAT Is The Question!

The Divine Nature

The Power of ECHAD

To the PURE!

The Tetragrammaton YHWH

Look Who’s Talking!!

Exposing The Thief

Let The Women Keep SILENT In The Church!!!

How Flow Can You Go?!?!?

To Tithe or Not To Tithe? THAT is the Question!

Does the Bible support slavery?

No Strings Attached!

Relational Permittance

The Hostile Takeover!

Which role is more difficult to fulfill, the role of the husband or the role of the wife?

Is Demonic Possession Hereditary?

Is it possible to be PERFECT?

Does God choose our spouse for us Or do we choose?

Can women be preachers?

What is the meaning of the word Sonship?

Is The Levitical Law Applicable Today?

Is it possible to live without sinning?

Was there an option for Adam or did he have to sin?

Relational Permittance

The process of time!

What is the unforgivable sin?

Does God Test His People?

Are humans three part beings?

What is the Lake of Fire?

Are there any Biblical reasons for divorce, and if so, can I get married again?

Will we be cursed if we don’t give 10%?

What is the biblical stance on abortion?

Can a Christian sin without knowing that they have sinned?

Are Ministerial titles important?

Can Pastors and Leaders experience Church hurt also?

Can a person die before their time?

What was Paul’s thorn in the flesh?

Can mental illness be a spirit?

Is the Body of Christ COMMANDED to observe Jewish Feast Days?

What is Grace, and what is its purpose?

Is Christianity TRUTH or was it created by Europeans?

Is God a Spirit, or three persons?

Should homosexuality be allowed in the church? Pt.1

Should homosexuality be allowed in the church? Pt. 2

What is Deliverance, and who needs it?

2020 The Year of Redemption!!

What is Holiness and how do we obtain it?

Debunking False Biblical Theories

2020!! Don’t Miss It!!

Is confession necessary for salvation? What is the difference between Guilt and Conviction?

Is it a sin to have tattoos? Can you be cursed for burning incense?

Are all who sin considered sinners?

Does the devil have children?

What is the hierarchy of Angels as well as their functions?

Do you have to speak in tongues to be saved?

No flesh should glory in His presence!!

What power does Heylel operate in?

Has the Coronavirus Pandemic tested your faith?

How close are we to the coming of Christ?

If a Pastor decides not to have church service, does that mean the Pastor is operating in fear?

WHAT is Covid19?

Sunday Morning 04/26/2020

Sunday Morning 04/19/2020

Sunday Morning 04/12/2020

Glory to Glory interview

Sunday Morning 05/31/2020

Sunday Morning 06-21-2020

The Restoration of Order, part 1

The Restoration of Order, part 2

The Restoration of Order, part 3

The Restoration of Order, part 4

Are You Ready?!?!? 08/09/2020

Unstoppable Grace!! 08/30/2020

Sunday Morning 09/06/2020

Scientific Illumination 09/13/2020

Kingdom Culture Part 4

Kingdom Misfire

Lay Aside Every Weight

The Spirit Led Life

5 Signs That You Might Be Susceptible to a Spirit of Deception

Knowing The Will of God!

Freedom from the law!!

The Desperate Attempt!

We Are NOT ignorant of the devil’s Devices!!

The Spirit Led Life

Speech Recognition

The Navigational Deposit!!

The End of Sin!!

Can You Hear?

Kingdom Technology

God IS Light!!

Deliverance Protocols

Power Over Sin

The Destruction of The Flesh

The ROOT of Bitterness

Take Heed How You Hear

Replacement Technology

The RE-Newed Mind

Gifts, Operations & Administrations

The Invisible God

The Last IS First

Deliverance Conference with Pastor Jeff Vance

The Pathway Guy

The Redemption of Adam

Apostolic Progression

A Walk To Remember

The Spiritual Process

The Remnant


Lord, Open Our Eyes!

Fresh Anointing

Don’t Give Up

Understanding The Misunderstanding

The Purge

Pick A Date!

No Fear!

Our Responsibility

Decoding the DNA-Devine Nature Alignment

Prayer Time

Free From Sin!

Seek Ye First The Kingdom

Really? Who Are We?

Be Humble

Come Up Here!

The Glory On The Inside Of The Inside!

Addicted to Christ!

Encourage Yourself!

The Spiritual Life

You Shall NEVER Fall

Looking Inwardly!

The Call of The Insignificant!


Harden Not Your Heart

Proof That You’ve Grown!

Hidden Victory

Raising The Standard

The Stature of Sonship!

The Press!! 

Don’t Poison The Process!!

Divine Nature Alignment

True Freedom

Are You Ready To Walk Alone?

Kingdom Victory

Stop Resisting

Wake up!

The Metron!

Wednesday Wisdom 07-19-2023

Wednesday Wisdom 09-06-2023

Wednesday Wisdom 09-13-2023

Wednesday Wisdom 09-27-2023

Wednesday Wisdom 10-04-2023

Activating Principles Pt.1

Activating Principles Pt. 2

Kingdom Acclamation

Kingdom Inheritance

Jesus’ Disciple Conference Pt.1

Jesus’ Disciple Conference Pt.2

The Kingdom Collaborative

The Kingdom Mindset

The Purpose of Pentecost

Is our God a Jealous God?

Should I Get A Divorce?

What are your pronouns?

Backwards Masking!

Substitution & Identification

God is NOT in control!